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Represent your industry wearing these One of a Kind bracelets designed by Salon Armor®. STYLIST is a thick, silver metal connector in a contemporary font attached with two small metal rivets on an extremely lightweight, soft high quality imitation leather strap. HAIR is silver metal laser cut to produce a shiny effect embedded and riveted with your choice of crystals or metal rounds. The creative way the bracelet sits on your arm allows for clips to slide through in the location before and after the words HAIR and STYLIST. One size with adjustable buckle closure.

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Beautiful crystal shear connectors to make your own jewelry!

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NEW ITEM!  Frame your shears like a piece of art in this Patent Pending design.  Attach the Tag onto your belt loop or station and slide your shears through the solid metal bridges riveted to the genuine leather Tag.  The bridges will fit most but not all shears with a tension screw.  Be on fleek and function at the same time...the Salon Armor motto. #ArmorUp

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Stainless steel 4 Well Mixing Palette designed by Salon Armor® to add to any wristband. The Palette comes in a convenient silicone storage pouch. The 4 Well Mixing Palette can be used for makeup, nail art, lash extensions, skin creams, or as an artist painting palette. I am an artist and use my Original Wristband to hold my detailing brushes which is much more convenient than behind my ears:)) *The Palette will need the Magnetic Clip to attach to the Original Wristband but NO Clip is needed for the Wrap or Cuff Wristbands.

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The Magnetic Clip was created to attach the 4 Well Mixing Palette to the Original Wristband and to hold bobby pins to the Original Wristband in a secure way. The dark base of the Magnetic Clip is magnetic but I found heat from blowdrying diminished the magnetic pull. I added two very strong magnetic discs to make sure you never lose the magnetic strength. Slide the Clip anywhere that is convenient to you and attach the Palette or use with bobby pins.

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