Which Wristband Is Right For Me?

I have learned through trade shows that all 4 styles find an owner. I have customers try on each one and they know right away which one they like the best by how it feels on their arm or by how it functions.
Here are my thoughts…

THE POWERHOUSE is the most popular patented style because it does a little of everything. It can hold 3 shears, bobby pins, comb, makeup brushes and several clips. You can customize this one with other colors. Add The Shield to transform it into a mini Bracer or work as an arm cover.

THE MAGNETIC CUFF is the next popular patented style and is great if you want a fit like an accessory. It will hold 3 shears, bobby pins, comb, makeup brushes and several clips. Popular with nail techs, makeup artists and estheticians. For stylists with larger wrists and for those that need to wear a watch. You can customize the Cuff with different strap colors. Add The Shield to create a mini Bracer or as an arm cover.

THE WARRIOR BRACER is an artistic expression and the best part it is functional! Put it on and you instantly feel powerful! It can hold 4 shears, bobby pins, comb, makeup brushes and several clips. Buy the Shield if you want to cover the shear blades or get a sleeker look.

THE BOBBY CLIP BRACELET is perfect when using a lot of bobby pins and clips for bridal work, prom, NYFW, and platform work. Free option to add a second large magnet to the bracelet. A great gift for a bride to give her hairstylist.

Can I Get A Discount For Multiple Orders?

Yes! Wristbands have been ordered for the entire salon and beauty schools. Contact me for multiple orders for salons, schools, and distributors.


Yes, you may return your wristband within 2 weeks of receiving it. You will either create the habit of using it or realize you prefer a different style band.  We will exchange free shipping back to you or issue you a full refund upon receiving your wristband.

Mail Returns To:

Salon Armor/Sandra Teal
1489 Snead Ave
Chesterton, IN 46304

Can I Be A Salon Armor® Sales Rep?

Yes, if you are a platform artist or educator, make extra money by taking the Salon Armor® Wristbands with you to classes or trade shows. Learn how to make money using your private coupon code. Please email for more information.

Can I Put My Brand On The Wristband?

Yes! For small orders, embroidery or labeling an Armorizer. For large orders, metal sliders or fabric labels. Contact us for pricing.

Are The Wristbands State Board Compliant?

Salon Armor® Magnetic Wristbands are the only wristbands that have received State Board Compliance from these states: ME, NH, NY, DE, WV, NC, FL, TN, KY, IN, MI, MO, ND, SD, TX, CO, NE, MT, ID, NV, UT, WA, OR, HI, AK. If your state is not listed, I have not contacted them yet. I am continuing my process. State Board compliance is dependent upon the user to properly sanitize the band using non-bleach anti-bacterial wipes between each client.

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