My Story

Sandra Teal

My inspiration for the Salon Armor® Magnetic Wristband came in 2004 sitting at the Chicago hair show watching platform artists clipping their clips all over their clothes. For years we snagged our shirts, brought clips home with us, hit clients in the head with swinging clips on our loose sleeves or frustrated when we wore something that didn’t have an easily accessible place to put them. I felt if the wristband could hold clips, why not shears, bobby pins, makeup brushes, combs and nail tools. So I added magnets testing them for two years to get the proper strength, sleeve height and closure to make sliding tools in and out easy and secure.  Salon Armor® Magnetic Wristbands are THE ORIGINAL magnetic hairstylist wristbands. Wear one  for a week and you will reach for it the next week. The decorative Armorizers™ came as I said I can’t stop creating!

Armorizers™ are detachable and will change the look of the wristband to represent who you are.  Are you Rebel or Ice??  The Salon Armor® Cuff, Powerhouse, Bobby Clip Bracelet and Warrior Bracer are an extension of The Original Magnetic Wristband. We are all artists so I give you a way to create your own wristband to express your personal style.
Feel free to contact me at any time as I love an artistic challenge!
What a Gift to Create Beauty,
Sandra Teal