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Patented new functions!
*Holds 3 shears, clips, makeup brushes, nail tools and comb
*Larger magnet for bobby pins and extra elastic to hold mini brushes or tools
*New built in ramp to lift shears higher off the arm and open strap concept to keep pressure off the tension screw
*New patent pending closure using a 5 hole grid to adjust to your exact size XS-XL. Once your size is set using the free mini screwdriver, just snap to close
*Genuine leather
Comes in black with options to upgrade to a Strap Color, Crystal Shear and Arm Shield.

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    Add the popular Crystal Shear as shown in pink photo
    Add The Shield to create an inexpensive Bracer or use as an arm cover. Can also be added to other versions of Salon Armor® wristbands.